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Phil Walker BooksA Passion for Writing My 16th book is Sanctuary in Time. It is brand new on the market. The fundamental genre is time travel. However, it is so much more. This is not a comic book fantasy, but a serious look at what the real and disastrous effects of time travel might be. This book took longer to write than any other one, mostly because it has been through the gauntlet of two book critique groups for over a year and a half. The result is the best I’ve ever written.

To tell you the truth, I can’t remember when I wasn’t writing. One of the blessed gifts I received was I could always think of a great story. I started doing that almost as soon as I could put pen to paper. I actually wrote a 40,000-word novel when I was fifteen years old. I discovered it among dusty old files not too long ago. It gave me a huge laugh. It was a science-fiction story, which I still think is a great idea.

My professional life as a radio broadcaster allowed me to hone my skills. I estimate I’ve written 10,000 radio commercials and several million words of news copy.

I wrote my first book, a non-fiction work on American Western history in 1995. It was the best-selling book in Fort Collins for nine years and reprinted seven times. Later, I added a second book on the modern history of Fort Collins, my hometown. To this, I added sixteen, hour-long CDs, which I wrote, produced and narrated, with music, sound effects, multiple voices -sweeping sagas of history. We have sold over 200,000 CDs

Serious writing of fiction novels began in 2002. My first book is called The Galilee Foundation. I imagined what would happen if a gospel was written by, Jesus Christ, was discovered. I’m oversimplifying the plot considerably, but it was so much fun to write, I caught the fever and haven’t stopped writing for many days since.

After The Galilee Foundation came, The Galilee Garden, The Island of the Angels, and then three more books which would have to be regarded as Christian Science-Fiction. All these books are compiled into what I call The Starlight series. The first three books I published on AmazonKindle. The remaining books are finished, but still not ready for public release.

Continuing in a Christian theme, I wrote a book called Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh God. In this book, I imagined what it would be like if the prophecy of Isaiah came true and there came a time at a zoo, where the lion really lay down with the lamb. Another great story.

Then I wrote two very serious, exciting, books. These books involve international terrorism, a deadly danger for the United States, and thrilling action across two continents. The first bookThe Black Angel was an Amazon best-seller for six months. I’ve received so many reviews scoring an average 4.5 out of 5 stars. The second book is the sequel called Crusade of the BlackAngel. Far more complex in terms of history, international politics, and clashes between Islam and Christianity, this book is the most thoughtful of them all.

One of my favorite books is The Rangers are Coming. This is an alternative history story. Basically, the United States is decimated by nuclear explosions in our major cities. However, our heroine is sent back in history, along with an array of modern weapons and technology, to 1770, where she begins the process of rewriting American history to prevent it from repeating itself. It’s the longest of all my books, over 400 pages.

Next, came The Magic and the Misery. A book about a group of psychics living together in the mountains of western Colorado. They are among the richest families in the world and use their wealth to fund research, which will lead to an energy revolution worldwide. Naturally, groups and countries oppose this, and the battle is one with powerful psychic minds possessing great mental talents.

As with all the other books, it can be found on Kindle.