True Life Becomes a Story

Eventually, Hurricane Irma passed and everyone who found a haven from the storm went home. There were special sections in the newspaper describing everything we had experienced.

As she was leaving for Punta Gorda, my daughter told me, “I can’t wait to see how you write this up.”

Originally, I had planned to write a sort of memoir which I could send to everyone in our family. As time passed, new ideas began to percolate. This was too good a story to not expand into a full-length thriller book, so I began working on it.

The drama would go up if I added another hurricane, make them big Cat 5 storms approaching Central Florida from both coasts simultaneously, and have them do catastrophic damage, followed by flooding rain. I kept the family connection having a daughter make the run from Punta Gorda, with only one other couple and no dogs, to The Villages. I made that drive the first major action sequel of the book, with every mile a life-threatening situation.

Despite this drive north being terrifying, it was nothing compared to what my fictional family would have to endure when the full effects of the storms hit.

The tension builds as the situation gets worse and worse, other people find sanctuary in my principal protagonist’s home, and everyone struggles to stay alive.

There is action at every turn as the story unfolds.

© 2020, Phil Walker. All rights reserved.

Author: Phil Walker

Phil Walker is the author of eighteen books. Three of his books have risen to worldwide best-sellers. He writes in multiple genres, including international thrillers, alternative history, time travel and science fiction. Killer Storms is a disaster epic. He is a judge for the Florida Writers Association annual literary competition. In The Villages in Florida, he is the leader of a writer’s critique group where writers gather every week to review and comment on each other’s work.

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