The Fundamental Story

A good start for any writer is to write what you know about. Some things can only be known unless you’ve had the experience of seeing it in person.

            This was the origin of Killer Storms. Everyone has heard of hurricanes, but until you have lived through a few you can’t capture the education you get when a storm is knocking on your front door.

            A couple years ago, Hurricane Irma raked the state of Florida. The closer it got, the more time we spent glued to the Weather Channel for the latest. Hurricanes have a way of changing its course, speed, and intensity. Irma went all over the place. When it got closer to the west coast of the state, the more we watched it on a minute by minute basis.

            We felt relatively safe in The Villages. Our location near the middle of central Florida is about a hundred miles from either coast. Not that we relaxed and turned off the TV. My daughter and her husband live in Punta Gorda and were right in the bullseye of this big storm. I started telling her on the phone she ought to get out of there and I continued to tell her until the hurricane was almost on top of them. Finally, she and her husband, two other couples and four dogs made a mad dash north to my house with the storm blasting them every mile they drove. When they arrived, I could see fear washing across my daughter’s face and everyone else. For most of them, it was their first hurricane and they had not learned to be afraid. It didn’t take them long to get the picture.

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Author: Phil Walker

Phil Walker is the author of eighteen books. Three of his books have risen to worldwide best-sellers. He writes in multiple genres, including international thrillers, alternative history, time travel and science fiction. Killer Storms is a disaster epic. He is a judge for the Florida Writers Association annual literary competition. In The Villages in Florida, he is the leader of a writer’s critique group where writers gather every week to review and comment on each other’s work.

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