What you’ve just read is the short summary, or blurb, of my next book, Killer Storms. It will be released in May.

     I’m going to tell you how this disaster epic came to be. Along the way, I’m going to give you an insight into how a writer constructs his stories in a series of blogs. You will be able to follow me from the concepts to putting words on a page.

     People always ask me how I think up the plots for my stories. Well, I’ve never had any trouble thinking of great stories. The second part for an author is to excellently execute the structure, grammar, language, emotions, and appearance of the written word. That’s the part I work hardest on every time I sit down to write.

     Killer Storms is my eighteenth book. Presumably I’ve learned a little in getting to this point.

Watch for my next posting.

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Author: Phil Walker

Phil Walker is the author of eighteen books. Three of his books have risen to worldwide best-sellers. He writes in multiple genres, including international thrillers, alternative history, time travel and science fiction. Killer Storms is a disaster epic. He is a judge for the Florida Writers Association annual literary competition. In The Villages in Florida, he is the leader of a writer’s critique group where writers gather every week to review and comment on each other’s work.

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