A new novel by Phil Walker ‘Killer Storms’ – May 2020

Killer Storms by Phil Walker is the newest edition to his extensive library of published books. Killer Storms will be available through Amazon and paperback in May of 2020.

A snippet from Killer Storms…

Two monstrous Category five hurricanes will hit the Florida Peninsula from both coasts, at the same time.

Aaron Colson, a retired meteorologist, lives in the Villages with his wife Angie. He is joined by his daughter, her husband and another couple.

All of them are trapped between the storms.

Now they face catastrophic winds, and days of drenching rain.

Moment to moment, they fight to survive.

Phil Walker Books are available on Kindle. Killer Storms – are you ready for the storm?

Killer Storms – available May 2020

© 2020, Phil Walker. All rights reserved.

Author: Phil Walker

Phil Walker is the author of eighteen books. Three of his books have risen to worldwide best-sellers. He writes in multiple genres, including international thrillers, alternative history, time travel and science fiction. Killer Storms is a disaster epic. He is a judge for the Florida Writers Association annual literary competition. In The Villages in Florida, he is the leader of a writer’s critique group where writers gather every week to review and comment on each other’s work.

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